Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Note - Sexpiration does not have any physical store. All customers are requested to call customer care only after reading FAQ section.

1) What are the different methods of making payment??

You can pay for your order using the following 5 methods:

a) PayPal

While checking out select 'Paypal' as the payment option > Confirm Order > Click on 'Have a PayPal Account?' > Log into your Paypal account and Pay

b) Any major Credit / Some Debit Cards

While checking out select 'Paypal' as the payment option > Confirm Order > Click on 'Don't have a PayPal Account?' > Pay using Visa / Mastercard / Discover / etc.

Please Contact us if you have any trouble checking out either way.

Note - Indian Debit Card's do not work on PayPal due to restrictions within India. So incase your Debit Card is not working on PayPal kindly proceed with the alternative mode of payments available.

c) Bank Transfer

Transfer the money directly to our Bank Account. Bank Account details will be automatically sent to you once you order with us by Bank Transfer Mode. Payment in this mode needs to be made by NEFT / Cash Deposit.

d) DD / Cheque 

You can send us the Cheque / DD by Post  in favor of the mentioned account. Order will be dispatched once Cheque is cleared.

e) Cash on Delivery

You can avail Cash on Delivery services in most parts of India. COD charges are Rs. 100 extra per order. The same is non negotiable.

Complete delivery address will be required for COD delivery along with assurance that customer shall be available for 5-7 working days from date of dispatch at provided address to receive the parcel. Customer must use their own name and address for cash on delivery orders. For protecting other people's privacy we will not service cash on delivery orders placed by 1 person for another person until we can verify the recipient. Sexpiration holds rights to cancel such orders directly.

Some products are not available Cash on Delivery. Tenga and Bathmate products along with Products having Code ending with "-NC" are only available in pincodes with hand to hand delivery and not cash on delivery.

Availability of Cash on Delivery / Hand to Hand Delivery is automatically checked by the website according to your pincode and you will automatically get option of cash on delivery if available while choosing payment options during checkout. You can also check COD availability in advance on each product page where a Pincheck option is provided.

Do note if you have chosen 1 or more products which are not available Cash on Delivery , you will not be able to place a cash on delivery order even if your pincode has that service.

Note that Sexpiration reserves the rights to take delivery charges / part total in advance for COD orders also. It may choose to do so if order amount is high and/or customer may seem doubtful for taking delivery or is unwilling to provide proper address (wants a pickup from courier office sort of delivery for COD which is not permissible as per our terms).

f) Hand to Hand Delivery Service

REQUIRES NON NEGOTIABLE ADVANCE PAYMENT. Rs. 500 is payable in advance for this mode of payment and remaining on delivery.

It is not the same as Cash on Delivery. It is a payment mode made available in select cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Surat for restricted items like Fleshlight / Dildos / Sex Dolls or for pickup from courier office mode of shipping which are not available Cash on Delivery where a customer can pay token of Rs. 500 and rest on delivery if unwilling to make full advance payment. Delivery charges are Rs. 500 per order and non negotiable.

Token advance can be paid via bank transfer (NEFT / Bank Transfer) or credit card.

2) How to do a Bank Transfer?

You can proceed with this transaction by either:

Cash Deposit - Go to your nearest ICICI branch. Ask for a Cash pay in Slip. Fill the slip up according to the details asked. You will only need Account Holders name, Bank account number, Branch name which has been provided to you in the e-mail. For any queries please contact the bank or us.

Net Banking – You will require internet banking facility activated in your account for this. You will first have to add the account to your payee list.

For this you will have to login to your internet banking module with your ID and password.You will find a "add beneficiary" or "add third party" or "add payee" option.

For ICICI to ICICI transfer you may not need to register a beneficiary and transaction can be done directly.

For all other banks you will require to first add beneficiary/payee and then proceed with payment once added.

You can find guidelines for NEFT payment here - http://www.icicibank.com/infinity/helpfiles/eCheques.htm .

For further queries you may contact us or your respective Banks for further details.

You can locate your nearest ICICI Bank Branch here for Cash Deposit  and Cheque Deposit- https://infinity.icicibank.co.in/web/services/jsp/Locateus.jsp . You can also use - http://alpha.mapmyindia.com/icici/icici.jsp to locate nearest branch.

Net Banking Links for major Banks :

SBI - https://www.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm

ICICI - http://www.icicibank.com/safe-online-banking/safe-online-banking.html

HDFC Bank - https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking/

Axis Bank - http://www.axisbank.com/pre-login/internetbanking_prelogin.aspx

PNB - http://www.netpnb.com/index.html

3) What steps are taken to ensure that delivery is discreet?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. At all steps your privacy is maintained.

> We pack our products in plain brown boxes and/or white seal bags. Product or company name is not mentioned on top of the parcel.  

> If you pay by Credit Card , you would not see our name on Card Statement but a generic name 'Aimor Industrial' on your statement. Bank Account name for bank transfer is Big Melons Enterprises.

> Delivery agents, unless hand to hand delivery, do not know contents or source of parcel.

Customers are also requested to NOT ask about products or website to delivery agents / logistics partners.

3a) If I pay by Credit Card , what name would be there on my Credit Card Statement ?

> If you pay by Credit Card , your Credit Card Statement name would show it us – Aimor Industrial' , there would be no mention of Sexpiration , Sex Products , Sex toys etc. to protect your privacy. Alternatively even when you do NEFT , Cheque or DD - there again would be no mention of sex toys , sex products , sex or sexpiration.com anywhere.

4) I'm interested in a product, but would like more information about it as im not sure what to buy. Whom do I contact?

Send us an e-mail to sales@sexpiration.com for product related queries.

5) I dont want parcel to come home. What do i do for that?

We have very discreet service with no product names or images nor site name mentioned on the package. We use plain brown box with white bubble wrap seal bags over them to ensure privacy is well maintained.

However if you still think getting at home is a bad idea you can go for pickup at courier office as shipping mode.

This option however does not apply for Cash on Delivery and we strictly do not entertain such requests. This option is available for pre-paid orders and Hand to Hand Delivery order only.

6) Why am i not able to order COD (Cash on Delivery)?

1. Your pincode does not have service. You can check this on site home page top left (COD Pincheck) . For this we can not do much as only pincodes with COD service by our courier tieup can be serviced by COD.

2. You are entering wrong Pincode while ordering. Please ensure no space or dot or other errors are there in the pincode.

3. You are taking Pickup from Courier office. This disables Cash on Delivery as a payment mode.

4. You are picking products with -NC Code in them which have description which says "Not available Cash on Delivery" . These products are available COD only in hand to hand delivery locations.

7) Why was my Cash on Delivery Order Canceled?

Your order maybe canceled due to one of the following reasons:

1. Incomplete address or addresses such as hostels,hotels,landmarks or other public places. We service COD only to customers residential or office address.

2. No response on the number provided by you in the order.

3. Response found improper or doubtful by order confirming agent on the phone. This can be due to inability to confirm address, products ordered, or general lack of will to take whereby the agent can ask for Rs.500 advance deposit for the COD order to ensure customer takes delivery. Failure of the same can also result in cancellation. This includes right of our executive to cancel orders incase customers availability is uncertain for given delivery time from date of dispatch.

4. Previous Cash on Delivery orders returned / refused to take delivery, or previous COD orders cancelled due to any of the above three leading to concern of customer taking delivery.

5. Payment Address and Shipping address different in cash on delivery order. Delivery and payment address need to be same for all cash on delivery orders.

6. If Sexpiration finds customer has provided incorrect details of Name, Number, Address, e-mail it can straight away cancel the order for non-compliance to terms and conditions which requires only genuine details be put for any cash on delivery order.

8) How are COD orders confirmed?

We use a stringent check for ensuring customer availability to avoid delivery issues given nature of items involved. Executives have full authority to cancel orders if they have doubts over customer availability for required delivery period or address during confirmation.

Confirmation is done by calling customers to confirm details. A maximum of 3 attempts are made. If no response received orders are canceled.

Confirmation calls are made anytime during work days between 9am - 8 pm . Confirmation calls are made within 24 working hours of placing order. Customer must be available all all times with or without a call at delivery address provided. Orders would be canceled if the same is not possible.

Once confirmed order will be dispatched in 1-2 working days. Tracking details will be sent on dispatch after which you can track your order.

9) How do I place an order?

Placing an order is really simple. 

> To select a product just click on 'Add to cart'

> At any point you can add or delete the products is your Shopping Cart

>  Once you've decided what to order, click on 'Checkout' 

> Enter Shipping and Billing Details.

> Thereafter pick mode of payment based on availability (can check question linked to mode of payments for more info on this)

> Once your payment is received / order placed an email is sent to you with the Invoice and order details.

10) I just placed an order. When will I receive my order?

Number of days for delivery depends on your payment mode –

Credit Card / Bank Transfer orders take 5-7 working days to deliver from date of payment.

Cash on Delivery orders take upto 7 working days to deliver from date of dispatch.

Hand to hand delivery orders can take upto 10-12 working days to deliver.

Orders for Imported Toys Category to be delivered in 30 working days.

11) What if the product that I ordered is damaged/ broken.?

Please check the product immediately when you receive them. If a damaged/ broken product is delivered to you, Contact us immediately via Email Order # and a brief description of defect/damage preferably with photo proof. 

12) Where do we ship from ? Will I have to go for customs clearance and pay import duty?

We ship from within India. No customs issues arise and no import duty is payable.

14) What precautions can be taken while using sex toys?

> Preferably keep a sex-toy for personal use and don't share them with others to avoid STDs and other infections.

> Even if these toys are used personally their cleanliness is very important. Always clean your sex toy before and after use. 

> Avoid using Anal toys for Vaginal penetration or use a separate Condom while using the same toy for anal/vaginal penetration.

15) What are Reward Points? How to use them?

Reward points are earned by successfully completing an order on sexpiration.com . They are Customer Loyalty Points which you can use during your next order to get further discount.

Option to use reward points will appear during checkout.

Do note number of reward points is not equal to number of Rupees of discount. Number of reward points you receive is equal to your order amount. Roughly 1000 reward points gives Rs.40 discount. The ratio is changed by company time to time depending on internal calculations.

16) We have heard buying sex toys can be a legal problem in India?

We have extensively studied the same and the law though ambiguous on the sale of such commodities states nothing about purchase or owning the same. Nonetheless things are adequately taken care of by us to ensure no problems are faced by customers whatsoever.

18) How do i get my discount on sex toys or sexy clothing?

According to your order total you can check - Discount on Sex Toys in India.

You must apply discount code in the order to get discount.

19) Extra charge has been cut on my card. Why?

This may be of two types.

1. 1$ cut as paypal initiation charge by your bank. This amount is auto refundable within 2-3 weeks by your bank.

2. My Order total was Rs. 950. But Rs. 980 have been cut. This issue is not an issue. All credit card payments get automatic 5% extra discount. So an order of Rs. 1000 appears to be of Rs. 950 due to additional 5% discount. That 5% discount is to cover additional charges due to forex conversion by your bank. Conversion or forex charges are to the tune of 3-4% and therefore a flat additional discount of 5% is provided automatically to card payers to cover for the same.

20) How do we deliver?

We use DTDC / Bluedart / Delhivery to deliver. Which service is used is not pre decided and depends on many factors which are beyond the purview of a customer. If you require one of these two couriers specifically you may mention in order comment but the same is not guaranteed to be adhered to.

In occasional cases we do use Speed Post also.

21) How to track my order?

Your order can be tracked via our logistic partners site once dispatched.

Until the same you will receive all e-mail updates from us.

Hand to hand orders can not be tracked since they are not done by logistics partners but by our own people.

22) How does pickup from courier office work?

Since often same pincode is serviced by multiple courier offices we will not be in a position to provide details of which local office will finally get it for you to pickup from.

Customers have to themselves also keep track using the tracking code provided post dispatch.

Any delays caused or consignments returned due to customer not picking up from courier office will not be our responsibility. Further customer may be charged for re-shipping the same.

Note - Promo's run for new customers are not to be used multiple times by customers per e-mail. Codes will be generated, however we reserve rights to fix and permit use of 1 per customer in promotions which are only for new customers to subscribe.